• Visual identity
  • Graphic Design
  • logotype
  • branding
  • multimedia presentations

the design of the logo, visual identity, catalogs and other advertising material
for the needs of the end user

Designing and creating logos, vizit karti, Brochure, flyers, Packaging, kompletnog vizuelnog identity


  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Design (Vizit Blast, Memorandum, Envelopes, fascikle itd.)
  • Poster design / Poster, Brochures, Flyers, flyers, Catalogue and Others.
  • Creating a standard HTML web page
  • Creating high quality Flash web page
  • CMS websites (self-updating site)

– Creation of graphic design packaging (label, boca i have a productivity of, brandy, other alcoholic i bezalkoholnih pizza, pakovanja for Hranueli, cosmetics, and other products).
– Creation of logo design
– Creation of graphic design business paper (Memorandum, vizit karti, envelopes and letters, fax formi, i dr.).
– Development of design solutions promotional material (Congratulations, calendar, Leaflets, banners, posters, Plug, Catalogs, Billboards, promopultovi, commercials and ads in magazines, calendar, Branding vehicle i Property, Lighters, Pens, ashtrays, USB stik, leather accessories, ID Airline, advertising boards i tags, i dr.).
– Making presentations of companies
– Making web design (production of graphic design or manufacture of complete solutions website includes graphic design and programming).
– It turns vizuelnog identiteta Firm
– Making prepress